Protest sign which says 'planet over profit'


Join the millions who have marched in climate strikes around the world by boycotting gifts this Christmas and holiday season.

  • Tell your family and friends you will: 
    • Buy no gifts for Christmas or other year-end holiday celebrations.
    • Accept no purchased gifts.
  • Create new holiday traditions. This is not about loss, this is about creating joy and community with people-centered traditions, not ones manufactured through marketing and advertising.

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Buy Me No Gifts and I’ll Do the Same


  • This is an ancillary action to the weekly climate strikes.
  • Telling friends and family about your participation, and that you want them to buy you no gifts, starts a conversation about climate change and activism. Personal conversations have a big impact.
  • Economic boycotts and the resulting loss of revenue get attention from policy makers and big business alike.
  • Christmas and other year-end holiday traditions are mostly marketing ploys, manufactured to get you to spend more money.
  • Gift giving is inefficient and wasteful, with a majority of gifts being unappreciated, returned, or thrown away.
  • An extra 2 billion pounds (900 million kgs) of waste is generated in the US during the holiday season.
  • Let’s create new, less wasteful traditions based on spending quality time instead of money.



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Greta Thunberg is leading the charge of speaking truth to power to politicians. She scolded world leaders at the UN for ignoring climate change and embracing “fairy tales of eternal economic growth”. Christmas itself is one of these fairy tales, in which advertisers make up their own ‘traditions’ to promote overindulgence to get you to buy more.

We must raise our voices and make them heard to those in charge. But those in charge don’t often listen. 

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