Buy Me No Gifts and I’ll Do the Same

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Dear family, friends, co-workers, and others,

I am not buying any holiday gifts this year. I am not accepting any gifts either. Please honor my wishes and do not buy anything for me this Christmas and Holiday season. 

Why? I am joining the Christmas Climate Strike.

Climate change is real, and we only have about 10 years to halt catastrophic and irreversible damage. Many governments are still not taking the threat seriously. We must do all we can to get their attention. When revenues from economic boycotts cause a loss to the bottom line, politicians and big business alike start to take notice. Boycotts helped to end apartheid in South Africa, segregation in the US, and most recently anti-transgenered ‘bathroom’ bills in North Carolina.

We go into debt to buy ill-received presents that go unused, get returned, or thrown away, and produce billions of pounds of waste in the process. We must stop mindlessly consuming and producing waste because it’s ‘tradition’, many of which are merely marketing campaigns, not genuine long-standing customs. 

Let’s create new traditions based on spending quality time with one another instead of buying junk none of us really wants or needs. Please join me and pledge to neither buy nor receive gifts this holiday season. Forward this blog post to others to let them know.

Give the future, not presents. 

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