Give The Future, Not Presents

Join the global climate strikes by refusing gifts this holiday season. Let’s end wasteful traditions and replace them with earth-friendly ones.

Dumpster overflowing with holiday waste, including discarded trees and gifts

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Buy no gifts

Tell others to buy you no gifts

Create new holiday traditions based on spending quality time with others

Stop sign

Boycotts work

Kids boycotting presents? Yes, climate change is that serious.

Learn more about economic boycotts that have fostered political and social change.

Interlinked hands

Create Community, Not Waste

Create new traditions based on quality time spent, not money.

Sign at a protest which reads "The climate is changing. So should we! #ActNow"


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Buy Me No Gifts and I’ll Do the Same

Give the future, not presents. Join the Christmas Climate Strike and forego gift-giving and receiving this holiday season.

Boycott Christmas

Capitalists want business-as-usual. Tell them no.

What About the Kids?

Even Climate activists have a tough time rejecting Christmas gifts for their children, but kids are more resilient than we give them credit for.


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